Download of latest version of WonderLookPro

You can download WonderLookPro installer here. There are a couple of licenses for the user of WonderLookPro, but the installer is common.

You can use Free License of WonderLookPro. Just install, and input your mail address and input activation code on the mail you received. You can try almost all functions with a couple of restrictions.  

If you are IS-mini series user, you can automatically upgrade to Bronze (from Free License) or Silver (from Standard License) or Gold (from Corporate License). Bronze license has similar functions with Standard License, not you do not need pay for WonderLookPro for the small project.

WonderLookPro Ver4.2.5 was released!

There was a problem of firmware updating function of IS-mini Series on Ver4.1 and Ver4.2. Please update to Ver4.2.5.

On V4.2, following bug was fixed.

■Issue when IS-mini/IS-miniX firmware updating

  There was an issue to fail the firmware updating of IS-mini/IS-miniX and the devices can not be powered on. This bug was fixed. If you have IS-mini/IS-miniX which happened to be this issue, please contact to your dealer for the repair for free of charge.

■Issue when IS-mini4K firmware updating

  When updating, -19 error occurs and the firmware updating failed. You could not updated to the latest firmware but you were able to continue to use IS-mini4K.

On V4.2, following new functions and improvements are introduced.

SONY S-Log3 License support

  We will start providing SONY S-Log3 License which will be licensed to IS-mini. WonderLookPro V4.2 supports this license, which means you can use S-Log3 OOTF included transform to be used licensed IS-mini. If you are going to use multiple IS-minis, you have to purchase the license for each IS-mini. By using this function, you can get the equivalent result with SONY's HDRC-4000, or use other than S-Log3 camera for SR Live workflow.

Tangent Panel Customization

  You can customize the assign of track ball, button and dial of the panel by creating customize text file. You can assign different tab's color correction, different unit of IS-mini, on one tangent panel. Please refer here for detail.

■Assistance of the decision of Look Adjust point

  On the tone curve widget, the histogram of the image before processed by the LUT, can be shown. It will help to decide highlight and shadow point  be adjusted by the tone curve.

  Additionally on the tone curve, the position of RGB value, which was extract by the mouse cursor on the image, or average value of selected rectangle of the image, by the line on the graph. It will help to decide the place to adjust the tone curve for the specific object in the image.

  On vector color control, the direction of the hue, which was calculated by the pixel on the mouse cursor of the image, or average value of the selected rectangle of the image, by the line on the control. You can easily decide which color in 12 colors should be controlled by this function.

Saturation / Hue Curve Control

  You can control saturation / hue for every input brightness by the curve using upto 16 grids. For example, to reduce the saturation of the colors bright than 100nits to avoid too much saturated colors, or color blindness.  Not only targeting all colors, but you can define RGBCMY colors tone curve respectively.

■TVLogic F-5A/ F-7H monitors were added on Export Target

  You can export suitable format of LUTs targeting F-5A or F-7H.


For Windows(64bit)

・WonderLookPro_Ver4.2.5 x64.exe (117MB)

For MacOS

・WonderLookPro_Ver4.2.5.dmg (124MB)

Update History









Change the part of the settings of Sony S-Log3 License preset. The scaling parameters are set to LegalEx for Rec709/Rec2020 color spaces.





・When using lmt files created by V3.x, the color correction result was not matched or even the software crushed.

This bug was fixed.

・If the V3.x WLP was used before, WonderLookPro would not be online in some cases. This bug was fixed.





V4.2.2 fixed following problem

・Issue when IS-mini4K firmware updating

V4.2.1 fixed following problem

・Issue when IS-mini/IS-miniX firmware updating

V4.2.0 changed following functions

・SONY S-Log3 License support

・Tangent Panel Customization

・Assistance of the decision of Look Adjust point

・Saturation / Hue Curve Control

・TVLogic F-5A/ F-7H monitors were added on Export Target

・Fixing other minor bugs



V4.1.0 changed following functions

・Improve Look List management functions

・Improve Monitor Calibration function

・OpenGL related GUI issue was fixed.

・Fixing other minor bugs






V4.0.3 changed fixed following problems of V4.0.2.

・LiveGrade will not recognize IS-miniX.

・Other minor bugs.






Ver4.0.2 fixed following problem of V4.0.1.

・Fixed the problem of not working of Monitor Calibration functions.

・Fixed the problem of not updating live graph on IS-miniX's live viewing function.

・Add "Save to Flash" button on "Import & Send LUT" function.






Ver4.0.1 fixed following problem of V4.0.0.

・Dealer information is duplicated on License Management Dialog. It was fixed.

・Runtime library was included in the 64 bit installer to avoid the runtime error on some environment.






Ver4.0.0 reinforce device support and various funtions. Licenses were changed.

■ New License

・Start to provide main functions of WonderLookPro for IS-mini and IS-miniX users

   TVLogic version WonderLookPro v4.0 enable IS-mini and IS-miniX users to use main functions ofWonderLookPro without paid license. IS-mini and IS-miniX users can use functions (IS-mini/X five unit) as same as previous Standard License users for free.

・Price change

   Price of WonderLookPro license was changed, which make our products affordable. Price of "Standard License first year" is $300.00 and "Standard License 1 year extension" is price at $60.00.

Click here for more information.

■ Functional Enhancements

・New look management function is available.

・More stable than old version by using OpenGL. Performance was improved.

■ Device Support

・AJA FS-HDR's control is supported and LUT updating is available.

・Cobalt 9904-UDX's is supported. LUT update is available.