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What's new in WonderLookPro, version 4.3.0

On Ver4.3.0, following new functions are available.

CIE1931 xy Graph view

xy Graph view was added on the Color Correction Screen. The color distribution of the currently showing images are plotted on the xy graph in real time. As the same as other graphs, the position of the color of the mouse cursor in the image is shown as small white circle in the graph. Rec709 and Rec2020 gamut triangles are shown as well. When you use live function of IS-miniX or IS-mini4K, the graph will be updated automatically.

Multiple Graph View

As shown above, Histgram, Wave Form, Vector Scope and xy Graph can be shown at the same time. You can analyze and confirm live image and color correction result in multiple aspects without changing the graph types.

YCrCb Wave Form Graph

Adding to the existing RGBWave Form, YCrCB Wave Form graph is available.

3DLUT Analisys functions

3DLUT analysis functions are expanded. We were providing mathematical calculation function for the 3DLUT. On this version, the many type of visualization of the 3DLUT were added. Above image is extracted from 3D View function of athe LUT. You can observe how the LUT transform the color space by changing the size, angle and number of grids. You can easily detect the place which affects image quolity, stronglly non-linear region.
And not only currently making LUTm, but you can view the difference from exisiting LUT. Visualising the difference enables you to check the similality or difference point of these two LUTs.

Expanding Monitor Calibration

The algorithm of monitor calibration was renowned. Especially, the quality of the calibration targeting HDR color space was hugely improved. In this case, not only HDR gamut region but also Rec709 region, which is inside of the entire HDR gamut, can be calibrated in very good quality. The evaluation method was also expanded. Adding many types of graphs enables you to analyze more detailed method.

IS-mini4K Capture function

Supported IS-mini4K's new firmware, which supports capturing function. It enables to show live image, automatic full frame capture when Keeping Look, and extracting camera metadata. You can use it under 4K resolution, but it will take about 20 seconds to retrieve all of the frame from IS-mini4K to PC. (you do not need to wait for using other functions) Still image playing function is not implemented yet.

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