When you run the software for the first time

It will explain what you should do just after you installed the software and run it.

Purchase the License Online

You will see how to purchase Entry or Standard license online.

Purchase the License form dealer

You will see how to purchase Entry or Standard license from the dealer.

Move the License to other machine

Entry License and Standard License are capable of transferring the license to other machine.

Approaching the period of the License

You will see what you should do when the license expiration time is approaching.

When emergency happened regarding the License

It will explain how you should do if you encountered emergency trouble about the license.

Purchase License for no Internet Connection Machine

You can purchase Entry/Standard License the machine which is not/ can not connect to the Internet.

Change or Register mail address

Some of the functions related to license (depositing, online purchasing, third party SDK license) requires valid mail adress registration.

About Corporate License

It will explain how to do with the Corpoarte License.