Color Space Setting Screen

This screen is for Color Space conversion function. If you need, you can define Rendering between the color space conversion.

If you connected LUTBOX, the LUT was instantly created and send it to the device so that you can confirm the result with image preview.

Input Color Space Region

Please select input color space. You can select from camera log as an input color space.

Output Color Space setting

You can select output color space here. This setting was taking over from color correction screen, and if you changed these parameters, it will affect on color correction screen.

It's very convenient when you are going to emulate one camera to another camera which have different color reproduction.

Explanation of the parameters

There shows the explanation of the parameter where mouse cursor is.

Mapping parameters

From HDR to SDR and/or Rec2020 to Rec709 mapping can be selected.

If the contents have a lot of information above Rec709/100nits, you can get better result by selecting proper mapping parameters while confirming the output.

System Tone Curve

The system tone curve which cascaded input color space conversion and output color conversion can be confirmed by the graph. Both holizontal and vertical axis are 10bit full range (0-1023) and when you matched input and output setting, it will be the straight line of 45 degree.

The curve reflects the parameters of mapping.


It shows the selected Rendering transforms.

By clicking this list, the Selection of Rendering Dialog will show up.