TVLogic took over IS business (IS-miniX, WonderLookPro) from WOWOW on November 1st, 2018. TVLogic will develop both products, combine those with monitors made by TVLogic and develop new products with IS product technology. TVLogic dealers will start dealing IS products and providing customer support. You can browse TVLogic dealers here.

WonderLookPro V4.0 Release

TVLogic released WonderLookPro v4.0 on November 1st, 2018. For WOWOW license users to use this version of WonderLookPro, the license information has to be transferred from WOWOW server to TVLogic Server. For the transfer, you have to agree with WOWOW's privacy policy and TVLogic's privacy policy. License transfer procedure is as follows:

1. Download WonderLookPro Ver4.0 from a download page on our website and install it into your PC.

2. Start WonderLookPro Ver4.0 and "Licenes Transfer" dialog will be opened.

3. Confirm information of "Licenes Transfer" dialog and "Privacy Policy". Click a check box

    and then click a "Start Transfer Procedure" button.

4. License transfer will finish and then you could use WonderLookPro as before.

For IS-mini and IS-miniX Users

・WonderLookPro Bronze license for free

     TVLogic version WonderLookPro v4.0 enable IS-mini and IS-miniX users to upgrade the license to Bronze License from Free License without paying nothing.

      Bronze License is equivalent to Standard License and you can control upto 5 IS-mini/IS-miniX. The detailed explanation is available here.

・Request to dealer for repair

     Warranty period is taken over from WOWOW. The priod is one year from purchase. For repair, please request to

     our dealers as before.


TVLogic was developing 4K IS-mini with WOWOW. From now on, only TVLogic continue to develop and will sell IS-mini4K (input/output: 12G) within this year. IS-mini4K prototype will be displayed in Inter Bee (November, 2018) and we hope you'll be looking forward to it.

Price Changes

We changed price of IS-miniX and WonderLookPro, which make our products affordable. We appreciate your serious consideration for purchasing our products.


Old Price

New Price




WonderLookPro Standard License first year



WonderLookPro Standard License From the Second Year on (per year)



※We offer 10% discount for purchasing WonderLookPro License online. Please contact our dealers to know that in detail.


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